John Hill (the younger)

Slightly more is known of my 3 x great grandfather John Hill than his father; however information is still on the thin side. He married Elizabeth Matson from whom we get the Matson name and lived out his life in Stratford, Essex, his birth place.

Early Life and Childhood

John Hill was born circa 1826 in Stratford, Essex to father John Hill, who worked in calico printing[₁]. The identity of his mother and any potential siblings is currently unknown.

Work Life and Career

John worked as a chemist and druggist for all his life[₂].

Marriage and Family Life

He married Elizabeth Matson in St Mary and Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, on 25 June 1850[₁]. He was approximately twenty four years old.


Together they produced seven children, all continuing the tradition of being born in Stratford. John remained living there for the rest of his life, their residence being at 360 High Street, Stratford[₃].

The children are as follows:

Charlotte Hill (b. 1853)
Fanny Hill (b. 1854)
Edwin Hill (b. 1855)
George Hill (b. 1857)
Ellen Hill (b. 1860)
Emily A Hill (b. 1864)


John passed away on 19 November 1864 in West Ham, Essex[₄] and his probate was issued the following year on 23 February 1865[₂].

John Hill Probate


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