About the Project

Ever since I was a child history has fascinated me. Not just the history you read about in musty old books or watch on black and white war films, but true history, the history of ordinary men and women: people not much different to you and I who worked hard and tried to make the most out of the lives they were given.

Nowhere is this more fascinating than in the lives of our own ancestors, the men and women who came before us and who’s blood flows through our veins. Never has the world of our ancestors been so accessible to us than today in the age of the internet. We can discover so much from the comfort of our own homes, all we need is a computer, a comfy chair and a refreshing cup of tea; it would almost be a crime not to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us.

This particular project has been a long time in the making. I’ve had an account on ancestry.co.uk for several years (to view my tree follow the link; however you must have an account on ancestry.co.uk to gain access) but it was not until recently I felt I had enough documentation to support my formalising this project. With the sad but recent passing of my dear paternal grandmother, a great many letters, photographs and documents have come my way and I am determined that I should do them justice.

Our history should not be shut away in the back of cupboards gathering dust and fading away to nothing, it should be treasured, respected and celebrated. We must share our beautiful collections with each other and with the world and with generations yet to come.

If you have any connection at all with any of the people on these pages then I want to hear from you so please get in touch. But whatever your reasons for being here I hope you enjoy your visit.