Elizabeth Matson (c.1822)

The Matson name is still alive in the Hill family today. My great grandfather William Matson Hill carried it as a middle name as does my very own brother, my uncle, and my aunt, and so it always interested me to find out where it had originally come from.

Early Life and Childhood

Elizabeth Matson was born the first child to Robert Matson and his wife Charlotte née Gosley[₁]. Her birth records are currenly unaccounted for but as her parents were married in November 1821[₂], she was most likely born in the last months of 1822 or early 1823. As per the 1861 and 1871 censuses this probably took place in Warwick[₃].

Her sister Charlotte was clearly named after her mother and the first son in the family was named Robert after his father; therefore it seems safe to assume that she was named after her grandmother Elizabeth Matson.[₄]

Most likely due to her father’s work as a solicitor the family moved around the country frequently. She had at least six siblings who were born in places as varied as Liverpool, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.[₅]

Marriage and Family Life

At some point she travelled to London where she married John Hill at a ceremony in St Mary and Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, London on 25 June 1850[₆].


On 27 April the following year she bore her first son John William Hill[₇]. This was followed by a further six children over the next decade and a half. They lived on the High Street, Stratford, London[₃].

The children are as follows:

Charlotte Hill (b. 1853)
Fanny Hill (b. 1854)
Edwin Hill (b. 1855)
George Hill (b. 1857)
Ellen Hill (b. 1860)
Emily A Hill (b. 1864)


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