Gaps in History

This is the area of the site where I will list any problems I’ve come across when researching the family tree. Can you help to solve the mysteries of our ancestors?

When did John William Hill go to South Africa?

According to William Matson Hill’s War Records held by the National Archives, John William Hill practiced as a doctor in South Africa at some point in his lifetime. Considering John was still living in England during the 1871 census and again during the 1881 census his foreign exploits must have taken place between these two dates. Avice thought he may have returned to England due to the outbreak of the Transvaal War (1880-81) but this is only speculation. When did he go to South Africa and which part did he go to? What did he do while over there? When did he return to England?

Who was John William Hill’s First Wife?

When John William married Emily Fox in 1889 he was noted as being a widower whereas during the 1881 census he was still unmarried. So at some point between 1881 and 1889 John got married and subsequently lost a wife. Who was she? How did she die?




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