Letter from Edward Hill to Avice, dated 19 March 1963

The following letter was sent to Avice at 16 Lloyd Square, London regarding her research into the Hill family history. Edward was living at Inwood, Croham Manor Road, South Croydon according to the letterhead. The enclosed he is referring to is the marriage certificate of John William Hill and Elizabeth Matson. Out of interest he makes reference to living at 29 Catford Hill, presumably in Stratford, in around 1905.

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Letter from Edward Hill 19 March 1963 0001  Letter from Edward Hill 19 March 1963 0002  Letter from Edward Hill 19 March 1963 0003

My dear Avice,

It was very clever of you to obtain the enclosed, which I send you at Wills’ request. “Full age” usually conceals maturity but even if my grandparents were only 21 in 1850, they must have been born in the last year of George IV’s reign (d. 1830) which is frankly astounding as I don’t feel all that old!

If I am right and they were well over 21 when they married, the Gt. Grandparents would have been born in the last years of the XVIII century (don’t say they were out with the ’45!). I wonder if you can go any further back.

The Stratford locale is interesting because when we lived at 29 Catford Hill, say about ’05, I remember periodical visits from a handsome younger sister of my father’s, who was still living there.

I take you are well.

Love Ted

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